Inside UPL WhatsApp Group: NRM Primaries, Transfer Sagas Top Chats

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Wakiso: Banange, the group is so quiet, what’s going on?

Busoga: We are still busy.

Kyetume: Obululu bubawuuba.

ADMIN: We want to congratulate our comrades who have won the NRM party primaries for the Parliamentary seats. Football will have a big voice in the Parliament if we continue supporting them.

Mbarara: Our own Mwine Mpaka won the NRM ticket for Mbarara City South.

KCCA: Congratulations??

ADMIN: Our FUFA President Moses Magogo (Budiope East), Busoga’s Diana Nyago (Njeru Municipality), FUFA third Vice Nakiwala Kiyingi (Bukomansimbi), Mbarara’s Mwine Mpaka and even State Minister for Sports Hamson Obua are some of the winners.

Magogo: Congratulations to everyone. If political leaders with a soft spot for football are elected, the sky could be well be the limit. We need a Parliament that has Sports People who will in the end give Support to discussions on Sports Matters.

Onduparaka: Elections were rigged this way ????

Wakiso: How? it was not the use of secretive ballots, People were lining up.

Villa: @Wakiso, Onduparaka has to say that because their Patron Benard Atiku lost. Hehehe

Bright Stars: Atiku’s loss was written allover, after moving from FDC to NRM. What did you expect?

Police: So people of Ayivu voted for John Lematia ahead of Atiku?

BUL: Can we also talk about the losers as well, who else?

Wakiso: I only know of Rogers Byamukama ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

Kyetume: Oh my man Byamukama. It was hard for him to remove incumbent Kabakumba Matsiko.

Wakiso: People of Bunyoro don’t know FUFA Drum I guess???

Express: Even FUFA Delegate Aliga Rasoul lost in Yumbe, beaten by Oleru Huda.

Vipers; What’s going on here?

Wakiso: Read thread. Totukoya.

Express: ????

Kyetume: @Express, Has Dissan Galiwango paid you already or?

Express: Not yet, but he will. I am certain.

Villa: @Express, so you are to get Sh25m, yet you wanted sh100m. Hahahaha

KCCA: They are getting 10m actually in profits, because the other Sh15m they had given it to the player themselves.

Vipers: Ebiruma abayaye??????

KCCA: @Villa, But you haven’t paid Emmanuel Kalyowa as well.

Villa: Olaba naawe owekitongole okyakabira CAF Prize money.

KCCA: @Villa, ebya CAF anti naawe era tobisobola.

Villa: We played finals by the way in 1992. Toli wakitalo nyo nga bwoloowooza.

KCCA: It wasn’t CAF Champions League by then, and you shipped in 6 after all???

URA: Guys, help me with Saddam Juma’s contact.

Express: What do you want it for?

URA: Just help, please help.

Kyetume: @URA, will Juma be Henry Mayeku’s first signing?

Wakiso: @Kyetume, you want to give them Isaac Kirabira as well?

Express: @Wakiso, Obadde oyagala mufunira nyumba, anti he was ejected due to rent arrears.

BUL: Guys, is there anyone at FUFA house?

Busoga: No, they all went to Budiope to campaign for the President??????

Mbarara: The banter here will kill me one day.

Magogo: @BUL, what do you want?

BUL: I have a big case here. Express unveiled Lwesibawa yet he had signed a contract with me.

Express: @BUL inbox please. We can settle this privately, let’s sit on the table.

Villa: Hehehe. When I see teams fighting for my Lwesibawa….

BUL: But anyway, kasita I have his passport.

Wakiso: It will end in tears??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

What happens next? See you next Sunday.

This is artistic work of fiction – Names, characters, places and events are the imagination of the writer. Any resemblance between these characters and real teams is purely coincidental.



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