Doctor’s Corner: Importance Of Taping In Sports

Taping can be defined as the use of pressure-sensitive tape, attached to the skin, to physically hold muscles or bones at a certain position.

1.Injury Prevention:

Athletic taping is recognized as one of the top preventative measures for reduction of injuries in collision sports.

These injuries often occur as a result of extrinsic factors such as collision with other players or equipment.

Athletic taping has also been shown to reduce the severity in injuries, as well as the occurrence of injury in most sports, this is especially helpful for people who are prone to certain injuries.

2.Injury Management:

Tape is often applied to manage symptoms of chronic injuries such as medial tibial stress syndrome (or shin splints), patella-femoral syndrome, and turf toe.

Athletic tape can be applied to ease pain symptoms as well.

Taping along the nerve tract of irritated or inflamed tissue can shorten the inflamed region and reduce pain.

There is evidence of Kinesio taping benefit as a complementary therapy in shoulder-pain syndromes.

3.Other post-injury benefits include

A) Stabilizing and supporting joints after injuries to the muscle or ligament

B) Assisting and allowing the athlete to return to activity after minor injuries

C) Preventing and reducing further harm to injured area.

D) Maintaining proper biomechanics during activity

E) Preventing neuromuscular damage.

F) Reducing force on the area during activity.

A Brief Look At The Cons Of Tapping

Incorrect athletic taping may lead to blistering or future injuries.

After activity and motion begins, the stiffness of the tape reduces.

Physiological and psychological dependency on using tape by Athletes.

Most tapes are expensive, especially when it is needed frequently.

The Author is Isaac Gabriel Otuk, the CEO of Fitness Health Nutrition Sports (FHNS) company.

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