Coach Natuhereza Picks UCU’s Greatest Teams

There was no place in the starting five for shooting guards Ritah Imanishimwe and Stephen Wundi as Coach Nicholas Natuhereza named the best UCU players he has ever coached.

The duo, among the best ever graced the National Basketball League, have however been given special mentions, but missing out in the top five is a manifest of the quality that UCU has produced in recent times.

UCU is one of the powerhouses in Ugandan basketball thanks to Coach Natuhereza who has been at the Mukono-based University for over a decade.

His spell at UCU coincides with the period that the University enjoyed its triumphant times.

They have ruled University basketball and the league as well: the Lady Canons have won seven NBL titles, a joint record high with the defunct Lady Bucks.

The Men’s team has not enjoyed much success like their female counterparts but they have reached the finals twice, losing to City Oilers on both occasions after pulsating game sevens.

Rita Imanishimwe (with the trophy). courtesy

Gazelles star Imanishimwe, notably, was integral as the side completed a three-peat in 2017 before she joined now two-time champions JKL Lady Dolphins.

Nick has named shooting guard Judith ‘Ayo’ Nansobya (now at KCCA Leopards) ahead of “Mukiga” Imanishimwe. While Sarah Ageno “the beast” has also missed out in the starting five.

“Imanishimwe and Ageno could have been in the five, and were my favourite players because of their nature. Tough and never fazed fazed by the moment, were always ready to play regardless.”

In the Men’s side, Wundi, Martin Okwako, David Dikong Kongor miss the top five slots but given special mentions.

Wundi was outstanding as the Canons reached the 2015 finals before falling to Oilers in seven game series. He is edged by Sudi Ulanga who had left a year earlier.

UCU Lady Canons

Point Guard (1) – Rosine Micomyiza: Skilled, passionate, tough and loved winning. Humble.

Shooting Guard (2) – Judith Nansobya: Most committed lady player, disciplined, down to earth, skilled, best lady shooter I have coached. Never forget game six against KCCA in 2016.

Small forward (3) – Zainah Lokwameri: Passionate, competitive, got better every year, winner, longest serving I believe, great commitment to the program, wore her emotions on her sleeves.

Power Forward (4) -Purity Odhiambo: Most skilled big man, tough, winner, committed, humble and made those around her better.

Centre (5) – Vilma Achieng: Most dominant big man, Winner, competitive, great commitment and led by example on and off the court.

Special Mentions: Ritah Imanishimwe and Sarah Ageno.

Stephen Wundi takes on Sudi Ulanga

UCU Canons:

Point Guard (1) – Jeff Omondi: Leader on the floor, toughness, Smart and great understanding of the game, versatility.

Shooting Guard (2) – Sudi Ulanga: Commitment, discipline, Led by example, ability to shoot the ball, only MVP I have coached.

Small Forward (3) – Brian Namake: Tough Tough, leadership, so versatile and extension of the coach on the floor with great humility, fun guy to be around.

Power Forward (4) – Chuma Fadhil: Tough, great understanding of the game for a big man, humble and down to earth, will be the player I have coached the longest.

Centre (5) – Desmond Owili: Greatest presence I have had in the paint, brought great energy that everyone fed off of, committed, disciplined and greatly misunderstood like me to a great extent.

Special mentions:

*Stephen Wundi – was my favorite player for his discipline, commitment, ability to shooot the ball, saw him grow to one of the top guards in the league and all the while stayed humble and down to earth.

*Martin Okwako – great IQ, versatility, leadership on the floor.

*David Deng Kongor – Most gifted player I have coached, committed, humble, disciplined



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