KCCA FC: Mayor Lukwago Updates On Stadium Redevelopment Plans

Kampala Lord mayor Erias Lukwago has said that the KCCA FC’s stadium redevelopment plans are are in advanced stages.

The club is set to redevelop the StarTimes Stadium Lugogo in a project that will cost around Sh10bn.

Lukwago, appearing on KCCA FC TV show on Sunday, confirmed that the arrangements have been made to commence construction.

“It’s a very big project which requires a lot of funds, so the biggest challenge was about getting the necessary funds but I am glad that we are finally making a headway,” said Mayor Lukwago.

“At least from the central government under this financial year we are getting Sh2bn and from KCCA local revenues we will get 500 million, so we have 2.5 billion to begin with.

“It’s a project that will require us about Sh10bn.”

He revealed that the architecture designs have already been made and the Authority is going through the necessary arrangements.

He added: “Most approvals have already been made. The next stage will be procurement, and to secure a company that will handle Construction, and also tighten the loose ends and work out the nitty-gritty to ensure that this project gets started.”

The Lord Mayor said that he is aware of recent outcries from the fans about the need for a standard stadium and its something they are working upon.

He also added that the stadium will conform to the CAF standards, as can be seen from the architectural design.

He promised that the stadium will be state-of-the-art, depending on the Uganda and African standards.

Lukwago also stressed that the project will be done in phases:

“It’s going to be done in phased, if we had the resources, we could do it right away and at once but we are constrained by resources.

“But we shall have a facility with at least the basic amenities you will find in a modern stadium. It will have a platinum VIP section, hospitality box with a serene environment, media centre, places of conveniences which are standard, good dressing rooms and an improved ‘Ki-Russia’ side at the Naguru end with many entrances to avoid congestion.”

Additionally, the stadium will have a mega complex with a club museum to keep records and portraits of legendary players, and floodlights to host night games.

He also revealed that the project may face unnecessary delays due to land encroachment from the nearby Shoprite Supermarket.



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