Jungu Methodius: The Big Interview With The ‘Little’ Starlet

My Dream Is To Play In The Top Leagues – Jungu

The route to success is often a bumpy road, winding up-hill on a storm day. But through inspiring experiences, young athletes get motivated. This kind of questions makes the audience aware that even if they fall, they can always get back up.

The failing is not the end but the beginning. It shades light onto struggling athletes in the sports career path. It also gives a sense of hope which is most often needed.

Jungu Methodius goal is to play in the top leagues in the world. The Bright Stars ace captained Vipers Junior team in the inaugural FUFA Junior league. Jo, as nicknamed also led the Buganda Select team against Uganda Cranes in the Cranes Namutima tour.

The-SportsNation’s Brian Inke caught up with Jungu and here is how the conversation unfolded.

Jungu Methodius (left) and Farouk Miya

SportsNation: Who is Jungu?
Jungu – I Am Jungu Methodius, I am nicknamed Messi, Chenga, Salah because of my style of play, size and height as well as the way I dribble past my opponents. Others call me Jo which means 10 in Japanese. I was born on 13th July 1998 in Mbarara. My father is Mr. Tiago Mubulilya Methodius and Mrs. Kabashakira Methodius is my mother.

SportsNation: Tell us about your Educational journey?
Jungu: At 4 years, I joined Bombo Barracks Primary School for Primary one to Primary Four and later transferred to Buddo Junior School.
I joined St. Mary’s SS Kitende for both my O & A level. I went to Ndejje University but I didn’t last long there.

SportsNation: When and where did you fall in love with football?
Jungu: My marriage with football kicked off in 2003 at Young Simba FC, in Bombo at Bombo Barracks Stadium from 2003-2009

SportsNation: Apart from Young Simba FC, which other teams have you played for?
Jungu: I played for Juventus Namasuba from 2007-2009, Sparta 09 from 2010 to 2013, in 2013-2014 I was at Wembley ( Express Junior Team), 2013-2014 I played for Joogo Young, 2014-2016 I was a Vipers Junior team player & 2016 to date at Bright Stars.

SportsNation: How did you join Bright Stars?
Jungu: I joined Bright Stars in 2016 through Coach Micho (Uganda Cranes coach then), Coach Kajoba Fred (Former Bright Stars coach) and Agent Brian Masembe. They had held talks and negotiations. I later received a call about my training programs at Bright Stars.

All smiles – Jungu Methodius

SportsNation: What are your football dreams?
Jungu: My dream is to play in different top leagues worldwide, so that I can support my friends who helped me through out my life.

SportsNation: You were once called up to the national team, what are your memories then?
Jungu: Yes, I was summoned four times and I was too proud and thankful because it was already my dream to play for my country.

SportsNation: Who inspired you to play football?
Jungu: First of all, my love for football was recommended by coach Nsimbwe Mawejje. I was inspired by David Beckham. He was smart on the pitch.

SportsNation: Who is that toughest opponent ever faced?
Jungu: I have faced many – Shafiq Kagimu, Saidi Kyeyune, Allan Katerraga, David Bagoole and Isaac Isinde.

SportsNation: What Challenges have you faced so far?
Jungu: Mostly my physical appearance. My friends whom I started with at times say that I haven’t helped them (am selfish). Another barrier is that I set my goals in a year but at times I fail to fulfill them. I am saddened that am not able to help my family the way I want.

SportsNation: What are your proudest Achievements?
Jungu: I won the inaugural FUFA Junior league trophy with Vipers JT, I was two-time champion with SMASK in the copa coca-cola, I won the Masaka cup, I have been the MVP at the School tournaments from 2007 to 2015.

SportsNation: What lessons have you learnt from this lockdown?
Jungu: The pandemic and lockdown have challenged me to work extra hard in order to achieve my goals.

SportsNation: Your last message
Jungu: The young talents out there should stay focused on their dreams, have respect for each other either young or old & above all they should believe in God. To my family, I thank them so much for being their for me and they should keep on supporting me in my career, am confident that one day I will make them proud. Love you all.

Jungu Methodius and Ronald Nkonge



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