Busoga United Applaud FUFA Club Pro-Agenda, Licensing programme

Busoga United FC vice president Mugabi Samuel has applauded a two-day clubs’ Pro-Agenda and licencing programme organized by Federation of Uganda Football Association.

Mugabi commended the initiative and added that it will be more helpful and educative to his team.

The said programme was initiated by FUFA to mainly help both UPL and Big league teams re-engineer their sporting and business processes, deliver their short, medium and long term plans and help them transition from amateur to professional football, not forgetting the Licencing process which always happen ahead of each and every new season.

According to Mugabi who sounded very convinced and happy about the results of the programme, said that what they have learnt as a club in this program, is going to help them fix what they have been doing wrong in the club all along.

“As Busoga United, we are happy because we have learnt a lot of things we have been always neglecting in our governance but depending on a two-day Pro-Agenda and licencing programme training we had, there is a lot we have learnt,” Mugabi said.

“We have seen how communication in club should be, we have been making decisions anyhow where we had only one person deciding for us and careless about recruitment but now we know what to do and to you our supporters I know you are going to enjoy this season because we are going to be more of a professional club.

“Everything is going to be done basing on quality and hope this season we are winning the trophy according to a lot we have learnt and we are happy for what FUFA has done for us and I am sure if they had started this sometime back we would have been the reigning Champions.”

Busoga United FC

Busoga United finished fourth with 42 points from 25 games when the season was ended by FUFA due to Covid19 pandemic.



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