Muhangi Explains UBF Partnership With Buganda

The boxing governing body in the country, Uganda Boxing Federation (UBF) together with the kingdom of Buganda initiated the roots of Partnership aiming to reinforce the efforts being done to revive the power and relevancy of the sport of boxing in the country as it was back in the days.

UBF President Moses Muhangi reconfirmed this today afternoon when he appeared on Urban TV following the official initial meeting about the partnership which was held on Monday in the presence of Buganda Sports Minister Owek. Henry Ssekabembe at Bulange, Mengo.

According to Muhangi, the partnership is aiming at introducing boxing competition in Buganda Counties and Clans where it has been ‘dead’ for years now and certainly in school where it has been expelled couple of years ago. And Muhangi is pretty much sure that this will claim back the sport to top position in the country.

“The initial meetings with the kingdom on agreed principles of resuming boxing in Buganda are done and now we are going to entrench our selves into smaller committee to see how we are going to manage these events and how to get funding and I hope other kingdoms will follow suit,” Muhangi said.

“So, having a Kingdom event will give us a huge mileage and tapping into the young talent because if your realise how big Buganda is and the resources they have, so if they can work with us as we are trying to work with them eventually good products will come out”

It was on the same show where Muhangi revealed the reasons why the federation he leads chose to work with Buganda.

“There is a strong and reach history between Boxing and Buganda Kingdom because even Kabaka Muteesa was a boxer,” stated Muhangi.

“Buganda Kingdom is well organized and structured, and we pride into it as a key role model among the kingdom in Uganda, it has so many advantages like closer to our sponsors being the fact that we officially carry boxing from the central region, so that gave us a reason to approach them to workout and I am happy they blessed it and committed to support us.”

Muhangi who always has hard-on with FUFA, believes that boxing is going to add much more on the Kingdom Sport wise than what football has been producing.

“We are going to entrench it into Buganda clans (Bika Byabaganda), Counties(Masaza), they seem to be doing it with football but the only difference is that they are now going to get more fans, more results and they are going to be able to realise that they actually missed a sport of boxing because its first providing sport.”

If the partnership happen to work out, it will mark the first time to have boxing competition in Masaza ga Buganda, However, It has ever happened in Clans (Bika Bya Baganda) before, and the tournament last seen in 2008 where Balangira crowned Champions for the fourth consecutive year before the competition being weakened by the low turn up of clans in years followed.

The partnership will also mark one of the few sports competed for inside the kingdom, the few others a part from football and Netball include; Boat racing, Wrestling and a little bit of Rugby which happens in occasionally.



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