Personal Attack On Bakama Uncalled For – Kanyomozi To Magogo

USPA President Patrick Kanyomozi has said that FUFA President Moses Magogo’s attack on New vision and James Bakama was unnecessary.

Magogo called out Bakama after continued opinions from the veteran journalist against the Federation.

“First of all I need to make it clear that i am writing this in my individual capacity not as USPA President,” started Kanyomozi.

“I have read with disbelief your rant in response to an opinion written by Mr James Bakama in today’s New Vision.

“The personal attack on Mr Bakama was totally uncalled for. If he got facts wrong in his opinion,point them out without making disparaging remarks about his age and family. Being an old man shouldn’t be used as an insult,it’s a blessing. May Allah grant you a long life.”

Patrick Kanyomozi (left). John Batanudde photo

Kanyomozi advised Magogo to leave out Bakama’s family and instead make a case on his professional work and output.

Magogo, in his statement, said that Bakama is an “old man left with nothing to prove” and that he is not ready to pay any journalist who targets him.

“For you to claim that he is targeting you for money to pay school fees for his children is not only absurd but disgusting because you have not produced any evidence to the effect,” added Kanyomozi.

“If you have appealed to New Vision and Vision Group about what you call syndicated stories against FUFA and nothing has been done, may be that’s it, you are taking things personal not professionally.

“And if his employers have not acted it means they see nothing wrong with how he does his job. That said, if you still feel aggrieved ,there are legal avenues if you indeed have a case against him. Not personal attacks.”

He called upon everyone to remain professional and respect each other because “football and Sports in general need both of us.”



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