Katikkiro Issues Strong Advice To Players

The Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga, has advised the sportsmen to “invest or die a pauper.”

He told the players to refrain from spending their salaries lavishly but focus on investing in profitable ventures.

Speaking during the Kingdom’s Lukiiko Assembly at Bulange Mengo on Monday, Katikkiro also asked the central government to start paying the sportsmen who are representing the country.

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Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga. Buganda photo

“Players who feature for the National team deserve a salary from the country’s treasury,” Katikkiro said. “They give a lot of money to Members of Parliament so you can’t tell me that they cannot get something for the national team players.

“Netball players, Athletes, Boxers, all those sportsmen who represent the country need to be paid.

“However, they also have to prepare and cater for themselves. Jimmy Kirunda died a pauper but you can’t say that he was not earning during his playing days.”

Boxer Shadir Musa set to represent Uganda at Olympics.

He added that it’s wrong to criticise FUFA for not helping the ex internationals, calling it an “injustice.”

He also revealed that people contributed money before the late Magidu Musisi, who was earning more than $20,000 in Turkey weekly, died.

“That is a lot of money and few can earn that in Uganda. It’s unfair for someone to die poor after spending a year earning around Sh50M weekly,” Mayiga added.

“After Covid19, I requested FUFA president Moses Magogo to allow me talk to these players eye to eye and advise them accordingly.

“Kiprotich got around Sh300M, government awarded him a house and a car, but then you want us to help him during his old age?”

Gold medal winner at 2012 London Olympics Stephen Kiprotich. Courtesy

The advice come at a time after Uganda Cranes players last week took to social media to remind President Museveni of the $1M pledge he made after the side reached knockout at the 2019 AFCON.



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