UPL Clubs Ask FUFA To Defer Proposed League Reforms

Uganda Premier League Clubs have asked Federation of Uganda Football Association to put off the proposed reforms during a meeting held on Thursday in Mengo.

FUFA earlier issued out proposals for the competition reforms that include the reduction of Uganda Premier League from 16 to 12 clubs.

Once approved, FUFA said that the reforms will be put into practice starting with the 2021/2022 season.

The team chairpersons, including the ‘boycotting clubs’, told FUFA that the reforms do not speak to the challenges the clubs face.

“Our challenges have nothing to do with the proposed reforms,” Aggrey Ashaba who represented KCCA FC, said.

“Our challenges are Finance, Governance, Communication and refereeing.

“Our proposals are that how do we work in achieving good revenues that come through to the football clubs? how do we achieve together good governance right from UPL all the way down to the clubs? How do we communicate better between the clubs, UPL and FUFA?”

On refereeing, the clubs have proposed that the refereeing body should be amalgamated into a legal entity that can be contracted by the Uganda Premier League.

Ashaba also revealed that We need to listen to each other more communicate better, understand and respect each other, have a lot of inclusion in decision making.

The clubs have also requested to elect the board and suggested that even the CEO should be elected by the shareholders.

A proposal to amalgamate the two positions of UPL chairman and the third deputy Vice President at the EXCOM into one, was also fronted.

Ashaba added: “To eliminate the two power centres, whoever we elect as the UPL Chairman, should automatically represent the clubs at the EXCOM.”

Agaba also added that the teams have to communicate better, understand and respect each other and have a lot of inclusion in decision making.

It was agreed that the club chairpersons should meet monthly.



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