No Money Attached – Mwebe Explains FIFA’s New Talent Development Project

FUFA Football Development Director Ali Mwebe has said that there is no monetary gains for the 13 selected teams for the new FIFA Talent Development Programme.

This, follows Mujib Kasule’s recent outcry after his renown Proline Soccer Academy was left out of by FUFA.

The Federation released 13 teams including academies – Rays of Grace, Alfa Football Academy, Sparta 09, Lion Sports and Kasese Sports Academy.

Mwebe, in an interview with this website, said that will use these teams as a survey.

“The purpose of this is only to give FIFA feedback through a survey. There is Nothing like money attached to it,” Mwebe explained.

“There is nothing these teams are going to benefit from as of now. The report will give FIFA a clear picture on how we do talent development in Uganda.

“FIFA will use this survey to shape the development programs that will benefit the game of football in Uganda.”

This FIFA project was initiated by former Arsenal boss Arsenal Wenger who is now the FIFA Chief of Global Football Development.

Wenger, while launching it in Doha, said that the program will aim to drive sustainable talent development among all member associations.

The program will consist of two phases. In 2020, a global ecosystem analysis will be conducted by FIFA technical experts to understand how talent is developed and the pathway to the professional game for young players in each member association.

The second phase will be in 2021, based on the findings, a worldwide support programme will be rolled out for all the associations that participated in the analysis.



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