Mentally Enslaved – Mark Opio On Life In Lockdown

Warriors guard Mark Opio has opened up about the harsh reality faced during the ongoing lockdown because of Covid19 pandemic.

The player has faced a frustrating environment due to the loss of a supposed normal life he is used to.

“To be honest with you it’s not the best of places to be in mentally and physically you feel drained,” Opio said. “It’s more like you mentally enslaved when you are not doing anything.”

“Transportation to private courts has been difficult, the gyms are not open so you have to deal with weight gain and shaking it off.

“Overall, its something I have never experienced before as a player, It is a dark zone you don’t want to be in.”

Mark Opiyo (red) in action for Warriors at YMCA court. FUBA

He says that he has to do some sprints and other body weight exercises in the compound to remain in shape.

Financially, Opio revealed that Warriors has been “paying us and we have had extensive discussions of how things are to be done.”

With return to court uncertain, players continue to get frustrated and have opted to personal exercises while some have had financial struggles as well.

The National Basketball League was initially set to tip-off in March before a ban on public gatherings was effected on March 18.

player of the match – Mark Opio

Federation of Uganda Basketball Association is still hopeful that the 2020 NBL season will go on.

However, last month, they revealed that they are considering three options for the season.

The options include playing a one leg round league where the top 4 teams in each division qualify for the semi-finals, or a Tournament based competition where teams are grouped in different divisions, or If time doesn’t allow, to cancel the league and play a simple knockout tournament, which includes all teams from the different divisions.



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