Decision Will Be Reached – Magogo On Ndejje Petition

FUFA boss Eng Moses Magogo has on Friday promised Ndejje University FC that a final decision on their petition will be communicated.

Ndejje University FC earlier wrote to FUFA showing their discontent and displeasure about the way the competition rules were interpreted when deciding the fate of the 2019/20 FUFA Big League that was ended because of Covid19 pandemic.

Ndejje missed out on automatic promotion – with places being awarded to MYDA and UPDF from Elgon and Rwenzori groups respectively – as the Luwero based club was told to sent in playoffs.

Ndejje said that competition rules were wrongly interpreted.

“We have received a petition from Ndejje University FC that said that rules were not interpreted properly,” Magogo said on Friday during a meeting between FUFA and Big League clubs.

“We have asked the Secretariat, the interpretation will be done and at an appropriate stage, the decision will be communicated.”

Magogo commended Ndejje’s approach they took and how they handed the situation.

“I liked the approach they took, writing to us; and said, look here; you made a mistake. The FA makes mistakes just like anyone. I can guarantee you that they will look into the matter and a decision will be reached.”

Understanding Ndejje’s Petition

*FUFA Competitions Rules (FCR) 2018/19:

Article 18 (b)
Where all the Clubs in the league have completed the first round fixture but less than 75% league games have been played, the table standings at the end of the first round shall be considered as the final table standing of the league.
“Article 18 (c)
Where at least one club has played more than 75% of the league games, the following formula shall be used by TOC to determine the table positions for the respective group:”

FUFA based the decision on the competition rules article 18 (c) where at least one club has played MORE than 75% of the league games.

However, no club, including the said Ntamityobora had played more than 75% of the games by the time the league was stopped.

In fact, Ntamityobora had played EXACTLY 75% of the games – 12 of 16 games.

However, there is a loop hole in the competition rules – there is no clause that talks about a situation where a team has played EXACTLY 75%.

Ndejje wants FUFA to apply article 18 (b) where the positions of the clubs will be determined by the league table at the end of the first round. Then, Ndejje and MYDA were top of their respective groups.



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