Misagga Sends Out Strong Advice To UPL Clubs

Former SC Villa President Eng Ben Misagga has advised UPL Clubs to “stand up and get your rights back.”

The advice comes after some UPL Clubs boycotted a meeting with FUFA at Mengo on Wednesday.

Mbarara City and Onduparaka FC are some of the clubs that missed the meeting, and had earlier requested to meet the Education and Sports Minister Madam Janat Museveni.

The clubs have complained about FUFA’s ‘unfair treatment that include among others ending the league without getting consulted first.

“Clubs it’s the right moment to stand up and get your rights back, So, as the clubs meet the people who have milked them dry while taking all powers away from them, they need to be firm and resolute in the demand for autonomy,” Misagga wrote on his blog.

“What clubs need is to be autonomous in making financial decisions right from sponsorship, where Fufa gets 20 per cent.

“The biggest threat to autonomy is not Fufa the body but its machination to divide and rule the clubs, especially through alienating strong individuals they view as threats.”

On Wednesday, FUFA met some UPL club representatives in a consultative meeting held in Mengo with KCCA, Vipers and SC Villa among nine clubs in attendance.

Misagga added, in relation to the above:

“I know there are some clubs who have colluded to weaken the 11 clubs by siding with the oppressor simply because Fufa has offered them incentives but at the end of the day, the unity of 11 clubs should overshadow the betrayal of the five clubs.

“Unfortunately, Vipers FC is among them yet for the past few years it has been at the wrong end of Fufa decisions. I understand the decision to award them the incomplete league title must have swayed the top leadership to side with the devil they know.”

The boycotting clubs are also expected to hold own meetings to discuss a way forward.

“The key issues to address in this meeting should revolve around the parasitic nature of running the game where we have the 16 UPL teams constituting 50 per cent of the Fufa membership yet when it comes to key positions, they are represented by one person on the nine-man Fufa executive, the same number as referees.

“Besides, there is no single opportunity within Fufa laws to allow these teams to meet and deliberate outside of the Fufa assembly, whose agenda is controlled by Fufa.”

In the meeting at Mengo, FUFA Boss Moses Magogo explained that the funds they received from FIFA were not meant for clubs.

Misagga says that its a wrong move for FUFA to withhold this money when there is no national team activity in the foreseeable future.



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