Big League: FUFA Wrongly Interpreted The Rules – Ndejje Petition

Ndejje University FC have written to FUFA showing their discontent about the way the competition rules were interpreted when deciding the fate of the 2019/20 FUFA Big League.

FUFA, on Wednesday, ended the football season because of Covid19 pandemic.

The federation confirmed automatic promotion of MYDA and UPDF from Elgon and Rwenzori groups respectively, into the top flight.

The decision was derived from competition rules Article 18 that talks about determining league winners in case league fails to be completed within the season.

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Big League table when League was stopped

“Our concern is grounded primarily in the interpretation of the following FUFA Competitions Rules (FCR) 2018/19 in regard to the decisions communicated in the Circular mentioned above, to with:

“Article 18 (b)
Where all the Clubs in the league have completed the first round fixture but less than 75% league games have been played, the table standings at the end of the first round shall be considered as the final table standing of the league.

“Article 18 (c)
Where at least one club has played more than 75% of the league games, the following formula shall be used by TOC to determine the table positions for the respective group:”

The club claims that “No team (Nyamityobora FC inclusive) had played MORE THAN 75% of the big league fixtures so far.”

It should be noted that Nyamityobora FC had played 12 of 16 games per big league table – Which is exactly 75% but not more than 75%.

Ndejje says that FUFA should apply Article 18 b – Considering the table standings at the end of the first round. Ndejje and MYDA were top of the log after the first round.

Big League table after first round



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