Inside Syrus Kiviiri’s Workout Plan

Syrus Kiviiri is one of the elite basketball players in the country. The new Nam Blazers recruit explained to The-sportsnation on how he has managed to stay fit and healthy.

Kiviiri’s workout routine and diet contributed to his stellar performance with Betway Power last season, where he was voted the MVP for the regular season.

He says that keeping fit and healthy helps a sportsperson to think and react faster.

Why stay fit – It can always help you push your body, it enables you to have an edge over your opponents. It always gives you that self confidence and can easily take away any sluggishness mentally

Sleep – During this lockdown and curfew times, I do really sleep a lot but I do try to go to bed around 10pm, when there’s no Euro league.

Workouts – I try to do squats, dips, Chin-ups and Press up from my compound since I struggle with consistency hitting the gym. I have no so car I do walk a lot too.

Gym – Last went to fitness junction lugogo by pass

Diet – I do eat pretty much what’s available because I don’t have a favourite dish but I just do eat early during game days. I do take in lots of fluids and energy drinks prior.



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