Misagga Advises Players, Stings FUFA

Renown Football administrator and critic Engineer Ben Misagga has advised sports personalities during this Covid19 pandemic.

Misagga, former SC Villa President, has said that it’s time for the players to start thinking outside the box.

The timely advise comes at a time when players are seated at home, just like other non essential workers, after a lockdown by the government to curb Covid19.

“This is a wake-up call for all sports personalities,” Misagga wrote in Observer. “Players should start thinking outside the box and plan their careers well because in a country like ours, there are limited opportunities after retirement.”

He said that this break has bitten hard the people who that fraudulently live off football.

“I am aware of football administrators and Fufa officials who live off fixing matches and giving unfair advantage to some clubs. These are people who act like football revolves around them and they can go away with murder.”

The Nyamityobora president showed his discontent with the new FUFA proposal of reducing UPL clubs from 16 to 12, a move he believes will kick out community clubs.

He explained:

“Fufa is shamelessly propagating this scheme without minding about the 10 per cent it collects from the clubs’ sponsorship package from StarTimes.

“If only FUFA left that to cubs, they would be in better position to compete but by reducing them, Fufa’s share will also increase.”

He also called up on the Federation to come up with a rescue plan for thousands of players.



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