University League: Kumi Miss Penalty To Suffer Third Straight Loss

Action between Kumi (left) and UCU in University football league

Wednesday, March 11
*Kumi University 0-1 UCU

Pepsi University Football League defending champions Uganda Christian University (UCU) registered a 1-0 win against hosts Kumi University.

This is the third successive loss for UCU this season.

In a game played in Kumi, Brian Ade scored a penalty in the 17th minute after a challenge on him from Kumi University captain.

Kumi had a chance to level matters from the spot in the 52nd minute but UCU goalkeeper Emmanuel Were saved Bonny Omara’s penalty.

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A win kept the reigning champions on top of group with 7 points in 3 games with a win over IUIU and a draw against KIU.

Kumi remains Pointless after losing to KIU and IUIU in their opening two games.

This has been the third meeting between UCU and Kumi – UCU had won the previous two 2-1 and 4-0 in 2018 group stages.

On Thursday, group B will mark the end of their first round as IUIU take on KIU.



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