Reports: Referee Nabadda Claims Bayo Offended Her

Fahad Bayo insulted referee Shamirah Nabadda before the Vipers’ striker was sent off, the Lady referee told a close friend.

Fahad Bayo was ‘wrongfully’ sent off during Vipers away draw with Wakiso Giants after the striker handled the ball in the 35th minute.

Nabadda has since received negative reviews, especially via social media, including being called a ‘bumless chic’ by an official at Kitende.

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Fahad Bayo

“She told me that the guy (Bayo) insulted her, and that is why he sent him off,” a friend to Nabadda, revealed.

A close source says that Nabadda has included the allegations of being abused by Bayo in her match report.

However, the claims have been seen by many as Nabadda’s plans to negotiate past the would be consequences of her misdeeds.

Nabadda, Second Time Wrong?

In February last year, Referee Nabadda wrongfully allowed Patrick Kaddu goal for KCCA FC against BUL FC to stand.

BUL goalkeeper Hannington Ssebwalunyo was in possession of the ball (while bouncing it on ground) when Kaddu stole it away to slot into the net.

The offence, according to the rules, is a bookable offence.

Rules – While the ball is in possession of the goalkeeper, it cannot be played by an opponent. Any attempt to do so may be punished by a direct freekick.

Nabadda went away with her ‘wrong’ deed then.



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