Revealed: Who Made FUBA Teams Of The 2019 Season

The best teams (five best performers by position) in each basketball division in the concluded 2019 season have been revealed by FUBA

The teams revealed by Federation of Uganda Basketball Association, encompasses performances from both the regular and playoffs.

In the men’s top flight, NBL,UCU Canons’ Fayed Baale misses out as Tony Drilleba takes the point guard spot.

JKL Lady Dolphins’ Stella Oyella was also left out despite big performances especially towards the business end of the season.

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Here are the teams of the year, according to FUBA;

NBL Men:

  1. Tony Drilleba (City Oilers)
  2. Syrus Kiviiri (Betway Power)
  3. David Kongor (UCU Canons)
  4. James Okello (City Oilers)
  5. Landry Ndikumana (City Oilers)

NBL Women

  1. Cynthia Irakunda (KCCA)
  2. Ekone Brenda (Nkumba Lady Marines)
  3. Zainah Lokwameri (UCU Lady Canons)
  4. Hope Akello (JKL Lady Dolphins)
  5. Rose Akon (UCU Lady Canons)

Division One Men

  1. Sydney Chasimbe (Nkumba Marines)
  2. Peter Cheng (Nam Blazers (Nam Blazers)
  3. Bbosa Wafula (Gulu Hawks)
  4. Felix Mukunzi (UPDF Tomahawks)
  5. Moses Muhumuza (UPDF Tomahawks)

Division One Women

  1. Brenda Alyano (Miracle Eaglets)
  2. Benedit Namwenge (Magic Stormers)
  3. Ajat Kur Aguti (Magic Stormers)
  4. Becky Kereem Longom (Nabisunsa Girls)
  5. Barbara Namukwaya (Miracle Eaglets)

Division 2 Men

  1. Ring Ayuel (Kampala Rockets)
  2. Garang Kur (Kampala Rockets)
  3. Nibert Byamukama (Entebbe Archers)
  4. Peter Obleng (Entebbe Archers)
  5. Gerald Ayiko (Renor Duhaga)



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