Bring New Ideas – Obua Commissions New NCS Members

New NCS Members were advised

State Minister for Sports Hamson Obua has cautioned the new National Council for Sports (NCS) members.

The inauguration of the NCS board was held on Friday morning at Copper Chimney Restaurant, Lugogo.

Obua urged the new board, led by Dr. Donald Rukare, to bring new ideas as they look to develop sports in the country.

He also asked them to tackle the big problems, like wrangles in federations, with an iron hand.

New NCS Members taking oaths. Mugabi Don photo

“You take over leadership at the time when federations have internal and external wrangles, we would not like to see these federations run to the minister, so it’s imoortant,” started Obua.

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“NCS should step in foot and ensure that all Federations are operating within the confines. We should not have room for wrangling. If there are strong issues with these federations, you have the power to deregister them!

“I argue you to do your best so that you put these federations in order.”

Only three members were retained on the new board – Cecilia Anyakoit, Agatha Namirembe and Zubair

“I am very confident that this council will go a long way in developing sports and unearthing the hidden talent across the country,” Obua added.

“You are 12 disciples (including General Secretary Bernard Patrick Ogwel) and I hope that none of you becomes Judas Iscariot.

“You have to work together because any division will ruin the progress of this sub sector.”

Hamson Obua. Mugabi photo

He commended the outgoing regime for their past achievements that include requisition of land title of 16 acres of land where NCS sits, developing a draft funding guideline to enable fund the activities of the 51 federations, among other achievements.

He also asked the new members to come with workable initiatives to bring more money in the sport through creating partnerships with the private sector.

New Board (2020-22) – Donald Rukare (Chairman), Zubair Galiwango, Stephen Asiimwe, Paul Luswata, Cecilia Anyakoit, Agatha Namirembe, Andrew Otengo, Mark Ssali, Grace Abalo



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