Uganda Netball Federation AGM Passes Sh2bn Budget

Uganda Netball Federation (UNF) has passed a Sh2bn budget for the next financial year 2020.

The Sh2bn round figure was approved as the budget estimate during a day long event held at Kati Kati Restaurant in Kampala.

The AGM held on Saturday was chaired by Netball Federation vice president William Bwambale.

The Federation’s income is projected at 2,043,250,00. Sh2bn of that will come from Government through NCS. Sh6,450,000 will come as District affiliation fee. 4,600,000 as Club registration, Novice and National rallies will contribute Sh4M and Sh5M respectively. Sh20M from sponsors while Sh3.2M will be obtained from 2nd division club registration and men.

Last year, despite the enormous achievements, the federation faced huge negative critics stemming on accountability of funds, failure to pay allowances to She Cranes among others.

UNF President Suzan Anek expressed her delight with the heavy funding they will receive from the Government.

Anek said that the funding they receive from government covers over 80% of their annual financial budget.

The Federation has a busy schedule in the new calendar year where they will need over one billion to organize the Africa youth netball championship.

“We shall get the money I am very hopeful, You have to know that the government is sponsoring us by over 80% of our fully annual budget,” Anek told the press.

“I am very positive that the government shall give us money I believe in God that the money will be available by May for the youth championship and also there will be money in July for Africa netball championship.”

Uganda was tasked to host the Africa Youth Netball Championship in May 2020 and the president is hopefully for organizing a successful championship at Lugogo indoor and Makerere facility.

The Federation, has a big menu which consist of Novice rally, National rally, trainings in various regions, hosting EANA games (March), Hosting Youth Qualification games (May), International diamond challenge cup in South Africa (November) among others.

In the concluded year, the country finished seventh at the Vitality Netball World Cup 2019 and still holds its 6th position in the world ranking.

The side also won bronze in Africa Championship in Cape Town in October.

Speaking to the delegates, Anek said: “Members, we had a number of activities last year through thick and thin but God pulled is out successfully. I thank everyone for the team spirit exhibited last year.”



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