CIC Insurance Buoyant As Corporate League Returns

The 19th edition of the Corporate League got underway on Sunday at Kyambogo Cricket Oval.

CIC Insurance Group, one of the competing companies, are very positive and looking forward for the exciting last Sundays of the month.

Ismael Mukasa who is the acting CEO of the Insurance company and the manager responsible for the competing team, highlighted the importance of the league.

“This league stands for all the values that our employees love, its importance is enshrined in the fact that the staff come out to exercise, have fun every Sunday of the month to build network which is very important in the modern business of the world,” said Mukasa.

“We have our internal statistics, last year at least 50% of our staff took part, this year we need to be more engaging. We want to have at least 80% of our staff to take part. We look at it as team building activities.”

He noted that they normally face challenges of convincing their staff to be available on Sunday for games and they end up having the same members competing in all sports disciplines which leads to fatigue.

This, is the third season for CIC Insurance Group who have expressed their readiness for this year’s edition.

CIC Acting CEO Mukasa

Mukasa added:

“We are very ready, we have all the logistics, fully branded and we want to use the experience from last year to go an extra mile this season. We may not be targeting the top spot but we have our own internal targets.

“We also want to get as many contacts as we can which will boost our business. These games help us to network among others.”

CIC company, partly owned CIC Africa Group Limited has been in operation since January 2015. The Company’s target market is the co-operative movement across the country that needs new and different financial products.

They offers a wide range of insurance products to the co-operative movement in Uganda as well as the non-co-operative sector.

Enjoy the slideshow of Day One Action

Selected Results:
*Darling Uganda 2-1 Mtn Uganda.
*Electoral Commission Uganda 2-3 Nssf Uganda.
*Cipla Quality Chemicals 6-1 Sga Security.
*Stanbic Bank 4-0 Sga.
*Ison Experience 1-0 Graphic System.
*Latinum Credit 1-2 Uganda Coffee
Development Authority.
*Tugende 1-1 Uganda National Roads Authority.
*Kirundu Hospital 1-0 Uganda Breweries Limited.
*Exclusive Cutting 0-0 Dfcu Bank.
*Mtn 0-1 Vision Group.
*Ura 0-1 Vision Group.
*Kcb 2-1 Kibuli Muslim Hospital.
*Rene Industries Ltd 1 -0 Bella Wine.
*Kibuli 2 : 0 Parliament Of Uganda.
*Uganda Civil Aviation Authority 0-0 Electoral Commission.
*Ballore 10 Graphics Systems.
*Dfcu 2 : 2 Nssf.
*Centenary Bank 0 : 1 Movit.
*Pride Micro Finance 2-0 Buganda Land Board.
*Roofings Group 0 : 0 Stanbic Bank.
*Kfc 1-2 Uganda Breweries Ltd.
*Hotel Africana 1-0 Uganda Batteries.
*Hotel Africana 0-0 Buganda Land Board.
*Nile Breweries Limited 0-3 Cbs.
*Petroleum Authority 1-5 Nssf.
*Kcb 1 : 1 Dhl.
*Bollere Logistics 0-1 Spear Motors.
*Standard Chartered Uganda 0-0 Uganda Bureau Of Statics.
*Umeme Limited 3-0 Airtel Uganda.
*Roofing 0-0 Stanbic Bank.
*Kfc 1-2 Ubl
*Housing Finance Bank 1-0 Uganda Battries



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