FMU: Come For A Dialogue – MAU Faction Told

Motocross Association of Uganda (MAU), a breakaway faction from Federation of Motorsport Clubs of Uganda (FMU), has been told to return ‘home’ for a discussion.

A section of Motocross raiders, officials and parents (of raiders) launched MAU after addressing the challenges they have been facing.

This, came shortly after the new executive led by President Ruparelia Dipu, had just been ushered in.

MAU went on to hold championship on February 16 at Busiika.

Officials, including Uganda Olympics Committee (UOC) president William Blick has said that the faction exist illegally.

Dipu said that FMU has called MAU for a dialogue as they look to iron out their differences.

“They (MAU) were misled, we don’t have any issues with anybody,” said Dipu. “We are a new administration and we want to bring back sanity in the sport. We have a meeting with them, the ball is in their hands now. These wrangles should not exist, the sport is bigger than any of us.”

The meeting between FMU and MAU is scheduled to be held on February 25.

The soft spoken Dipu added:

“The way forward is a dialogue. We are ready to meet them. My humble plea is for them to come with an open mind, give us realistic demands and we see if we can solve them within our constitution mandate.”

Various sources have claimed that MAU is indirectly funded and pushed by Barack Orland, and the ongoing wrangles have been reduced to family as Orland and Blick families have been cited.

Commenting about the matter, Arthur Blick revealed that he is hard done by the allegations and added that he the new path taken by the breakaway faction is wrong.

“Motocross had grown in Uganda and neighbours like Kenya were very jealousy of the level we have reached,” Arthur said. “Seeing this new path my brothers have taken saddens me.”

“They have valid points. Yes. But they are not taking the right channels and this is pushing us many steps backwards. We need to focus on big events we are going to be hosting because this is going to be a big year.”

William Blick (UOC President), speaking as a senior administrator, said that MAU is setting a bad precedent for other sports and the repercussions may be worse than expected.

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William Blick said that the government may withdraw it’s funding and many sponsors may pull out because none will want to associate with disorganised people.

He however also confirmed that MAU has valid points that need to be addressed but they have to give the new administration a chance.

“This new executive has extended an olive branch to you, and you should come and meet them. In my own view, MAU is illegal – First of all, you can’t use Uganda (Motocross Association of Uganda) if you are not confirmed through the proper channels and this means that the event they organized was illegal as well.

“I am very disappointed to hear of family issues. This should be administrative.”

On the day, FMU launched the first Motocross calendar ever which is slated this Sunday at Garuga. It will be free entrance with one required to buy a mountain dew bottle as the new executive tries to set improved standards.



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