Sacked Ssimwogerere Warns Bbosa, Spills Bitter Facts

Former Express FC head Coach George Ssimwogerere has warned new coach Wasswa Bbosa.

Ssimwogerere, commonly known as Sim, was replaced by Bbosa after a string of poor results.

The former club captain says that Express FC CEO (Hamza Junju) among others failed him, and they will be the same ‘traitors’ who will fight Bbosa.

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Express FC. Courtesy

Sim, via the weekly article in Bukedde, claims that the CEO collaborated closely with a certain small group of people in the club who work far away from club’s main objectives but their own benefits.

“Express’s problem is not about coaches or player, its about club’s CEO who failed to know his job and where he has to stop,” Sim wrote in his Bukedde weekly article.

“The CEO has to link the technical committee to the executive, connecting fans to their team by informing them different development on the club in line with the club’s objectives but not feeling proud of firing Coaches, hiring stadium, knowing welfares and everything.”

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Sim added:

“Let us ask our selves, why when I left the team started training inside the stadium yet I have been conducting trainings out side, the food has been too bad, 76 days without players transport allowances and three months without salary. But now they are all sorted!!!!!! Why??

“Express cannot move forward when it still has untouchable group of people, and any time they will turn against Bbosa because for them they are aiming at leadership.

“And Bbosa knows it very well that that’s the same group that fired him and if we don’t remove that group,still it will fire him again. Me am already to stuck against that group till it leaves Express.”

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George Ssimwogerere

However, Sim is convinced that he has left behind a promising team, if managed well, the future will be brighter.

“We have prepared the future Express, the team is promising and if it is managed very well the club’s future is bright as long as the fans understand their job”

He commended the players for the hard fought 21 points collected in his time of 20 games in charge because they had no support at all being the fact that the fans have been paid to abuse them, according to Sim.

Despite all Sim’s claims, he left Express in the Red zone before Bbosa beat Onduparaka 1-0 in Arua last Friday.



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