Motorcycling Association Uganda: Breakaway Faction Launched

Bikes will be under new association – Motorcycling Association Uganda.

Motorcycling has broken away from Motorsport despite disapproval from the mother body.

The new association, Uganda Motorcycling Association (UMA), has been launched on Monday morning in an event held at Kati Kati Restaurant, Kampala.

The Association that will host it’s first event of the year on February 16 at Busiika, is yet to receive consent from Federation of Motorsport Clubs of Uganda (FMU).

In the event attended by Riders, Riders’ parents, officials and members of the press, MAU claims that its a legitimate association that is pushing to develop the sport in the country.

Team captain Maxime Van Pee who has a 12-year riding experience, commented that Motorcycling has grown big after recent achievements on the continent.

“We have raised the Ugandan flag high on various occasions, we recently had about 20 riders from USA coming here to compete with us. There is so much more we can do on our own and we feel that this is the right time for a breakaway. We want do it on our own,” said Maxime.

The breakaway comes just after Dipu Ruparelia was elected the new FMU president.

“We have nothing wrong with Dipu,” Maxime added. “I personally voted for him and am very sure that he is going to bring something new to Rally. But these are two different sports and we want to grow on our own. We have the potential and this is a good year for us.”

“We have been neglected for so long, even on basic things like tabulating results for our championships cannot be well tabulated on the FMU website.”

Julius Bukenya revealed that they are ready to push the association through all the necessary procedures to see that the new body gets affiliated to National Council of Sports (NCS), words which were also echoed by Peter Ndiwalana.

It was revealed that there is a back-end committee pushing for the breakaway and the new executive committee will be elected soon.

“FMU has never come out to support Fortune, it’s the fans and well wishers that have been behind us like in tough times when fundraising for the bikes,” said mother to young rider Fortune Ssentamu.

MAU launched during an event at Kati Kati

Will MAU Last The Distance?

Like the name goes MAU, it’s a reminiscent of The Mau Mau Rebellion, an uprising between Kenya locals and British rule.

It was regarded as a failed attempt, but to a bigger extent, the MAU MAU managed to freed Kenya.

Reports claim that Barak Orland is the Dedan Kimathi of the new MAU, operating from just behind the scenes.

MAU will need approval from the FMU assembly, which is most likely not happening, but the new faction will keep the parent body checked for performance.

Top of their complaints for the new faction is need for improved funding and equality from the Federation FMU.

New FMU leader Dipu, last week, commented that they are ready to listen to MAU but warned that their forthcoming Championship in Busiika has not been sanctioned.

Uganda Motocross president Jimmy Akena, also in a joint press conference, said that he doesn’t side with the new formed faction.

Motorcycling Association Uganda Breaks free. Courtesy

How To Form A National Sports Association

According to NCS, a national sports association is an organisation that promotes and supervises sport throughout the country and includes a Federation or association.

An association should take into consideration the popularity of the sport, presence of facilities to play the sport, plan of the association.

Only one national sports association of each sport in Uganda, can be registered by NCS. Also, NCS doesn’t register an association which is incorporated as a Company.



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