Draw Inspiration From Your Background – Minister Advises Bombers

State Minister for Sports Hamson David Obua has advised the National Boxing team, Bombers, after he paid a courtesy visit to their training camp in Luzira Prisons.

Obua reveled that he spent part of his life living in Luzira and at times walked the long distances to Law Development Centre (LDC) to do exams, but he remained focussed.

He also talked about his young days deep in Alebtong, and how he used all those struggles until he made it in the Parliament.

“Your background should motivate you,” Obua said. “I didn’t attend the best schools in the country, I walked from here (Luzira) to LDC. No matter what conditions you go through, stay focussed and you will make it.”

“There are might be challenges here and there, but they have existed since the past. You must be mentally prepared for everything.”

UBF president Moses Muhangi explained all the struggles the Bombers are facing including limited allowances and the inadequate training tools.

The Bombers are in residential camp ahead of the African Boxing Championship in Dakar Senegal in February 17 where the gold and silver medalists will earn a spot to the Olympics.

Obua added:

“These challenges have been there and will not stop with us, even the best Boxers like Mohammed Ali, Mike Tyson and Mayweather had some struggles but you just have to excise to the best of your ability because Olympics is the most prestigious event in the world.

“Go there with the mission and vision of a gold medal.I can only promise you that there will be improvement and that will also be seen in terms of funding.”

Obua also advised President Muhangi and his Federation at large not to lose hope because Boxing is one of the Niche sport where Uganda has comparative advantage.

“To the Boxers again, life is full of hills and valleys. From the ghetto, you can be a household name. Know that you are doing it for Uganda, your self and your community, so give it all when you step into the ring.



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