Rugby: Rams Kicked Out of Makerere Grounds

With Immediate effect, Rams Rugby Club has been informed to stop using Makerere Rugby Ground as their home ground which is also a home to Makerere Impis.

According to a letter dated January 29, 2020, addressed to Rams Rugby Club from the Makerere University Sports & Recreation Department, the club has been using the university rugby grounds illegally, a condition which has described as trespass on the facility of the institution.

The club, however, has been advised to follow right procedure if they are interested in using the grounds again as the letter reads in parts;

“We have noted that you have been using the Makerere University Rugby Ground for quite illegally. This tantamount to tresspass which isunacceptable “

“This is therefore, to inform you that the Makerere University Rugby Grounds is out of bounds to RAMS RFC with immediate effect. Failure to comply, necessary action will be taken against your club. In case you are you are interested in using the Grounds LEGALLY. You are advised to follow the procedures.”

However, other sources also has it that on the dates of Febuary 1st of next RAMS’s home game,which also has other two league Rugby games to be hosted on the game Grounds, it indicates that the grounds were already booked for internal event scheduled from 8:00 AM to 4PM.

According to the email from President of Sports Department Makerere University to Mr Olinga, exception will be given to home team Makerere Impis who will be playing Toyota Buffaloes at 4PM.

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The Email reads in parts;

“We have noted that you have scheduled three activation matches on 1st February 2020 at Makerere University Rugby grounds. I am afraid to inform you that the Makerere University Rugby Grounds are booked for 1st February2020 for an internal event scheduled from 8:00 am to 4 pm.”

“Nevertheless, an exception is given for our team’s game the Makerere Impis since its our obiligation to host our league games at our hosting venve. Time will be availed to the Impis vs Toyota Buffalo’s match at 4.00 pm only”.



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