Onduparaka, Wakiso Speak Out After Dressing Room Spat

Onduparaka FC players were seen dressing up outside the dressing room before kickoff of game against Wakiso Giants. Courtesy photo

World over, clubs infamously look for the tiniest advantage against the visiting team to claim a needed win.

Many have gone an extra mile to intentionally disrupt the visitors and those underhand tricks have paid off on most occasions.

On Sunday, Onduparaka FC were ‘denied access’ to dressing rooms before kickoff against Wakiso Giants and consequently dressed from outside before a 1-0 loss.

Onduparaka FC fans, officials and players have gone ahead to express their disappointment with the Sunday arrangements ahead of the Televised encounter at Kabaka Kyabaggu Stadium.

Explaining the background of the ugly incidents, Onduparaka captain Gadaffi Wahab commented that they had no option other than to dress from outside.

“We reached there when the home team dressing room was locked and the away team dressing room was occupied by the home team,” said Wahab.

“So we had no option but to dress from outside since time was going.”

Speaking in defense, Wakiso Giants CEO Sula Kamoga has told The-SportsNation that the visitors were impatient.

“I think they couldn’t wait for a minute to get the keys because they were told to wait and without even waiting, they just undressed.”

No club that has visited Wakiso, besides Onduparaka, have come out to accuse the Purple Sharks of ill treatment.

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When contacted to explain why Wakiso used an ‘away’ dressing room instead of theirs, club head of communication Ismael Kiyonga has clarified that the dressing rooms were altered way back on referees’ request.

Kiyonga commented that Wakiso Giants used their home dressing room, and added that Onduparaka were just ‘very very’ early at the stadium.

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