Photos: Kabaka Honours Masaza Winners Bulemeezi

The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II congratulated Bulemeezi for winning the 2019 Masaza cup.

The Kabaka organized a ceremony at Bamunanika playground where he dined with the Bulemeezi Ssaza Team.

Bulemeezi defeated Busiro in November’s final 1-0 a goal thanks to Loki Emmanuel strike.

At the glamorous event, the Kabaka handed a Masaza replica trophy to the Chairman of Bulemeezi Ssaza team and accolades to each member of the entire Bulemeezi Ssaza team for remembrance.

The event started with Kabaka taking photos with Bulemeezi Ssaza team, Members of Parliament and Sports Journalists as a way of thanking them for their efforts in developing the Masaza competition.

Slide to see photos – Buganda

The Kabaka asked football players to use the exposure they get from playing football on useful activities like encouraging their fellow youths to protect themselves against HIV.

“I congratulate you for the success you achieved,” he stated. “It was a big achievement at a high level but you managed to come out glorious.”

“I alert all of you (footballers) to use your exposure effectively on matters which are also important to Buganda like encouraging youth to fight HIV.”

He also appreciated the good organization of the Masaza committee that has helped the competition to develop season by season.

photos courtesy of Buganda



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