Uganda Tennis Association Launch Wheelchair Tennis Project

The Uganda Tennis Association (UTA) has announced the newly approved program for the disabled at the press briefing held in Lugogo at Uganda Olympics Committee headquarters on Wednesday.

Earlier in September this year, Uganda applied to International Tennis Federation (ITF) and their application was granted for Uganda to become a member for wheelchair Program.

After Uganda becoming a new member for wheelchair, the ITF donated wheelchairs, Rackets and balls which are expected to be received in January 2020 after the course held at Ramgharia Sikh Sports club for four days starting from 15th-18th December.

Tthe course benefited 28 Candidates including Players and Coaches on how the game is played and managed.

The UTA Chairman Cedric Ndilima has told the press that “this is a historical moment to launch this project for the handcapped. It is pleasure for us, just five years back we were not Members of ITF and our first target was to retain our membership which we gained in 2017 and it is the reason why this benefit is here.”

“Now our handcapped players will have chances to play international Tennis including Grand slams because every grand slam has wheelchair category.

“We are going to work hard so that we can host one of the wheelchair event in 2020.”

Wheelchair Tennis is one of the fastest growing wheelchair sports in the World, it was introduced to grand slam in 2007 and it has been in existence for 27 years since 1992 when the tour was formed.

The game is played as normal tennis but the motorized wheelchair are allowed to be used for players which have impairment in at least three limbs.



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