Netball: Heavy Rains Halt Bika Cup

The 2019 Buganda Clan Netball Cup Gala did not end after being interrupted by heavy rainfall which forced the officials to stop the proceedings in the first quarter of the semi finals.

The semis were – Nnyonyi Nyange Vs Ngonge and Mmamba Gabunga vs Ngabi.

On quater finals, Nnyonyi nyange had beaten Ndiga 21-14, Ngonge won 16-13 against Nte, Mmamba beat Nkima by 11-10 while Ngabi defeated Lugave 17-7.

According to the organizing committe, the two games are going to be replayed on Friday at Nakivubo Blue primary school at 1pm to see which clan teams play the finals in Presence of the King of Buganda as its always done.

The finals are happening on August 31st, 2019 at Masaka Recreation Ground,the same date on which the Football finals between Mpindi and Mbo go to be played.

While speaking to the gathering,the Vice Chairperson Bika netball committee revealed the reason behind this tournament and the was disappointed by the number of clans which turned up.

“The reason for this tournament is to strengthen unity but the problem many teams register but they don’t show up. I encourage all clans top heads to fight and see that all the clans participate as it is on the side of boys. But its a very huge challenge that on many clans we have,only 15 have showed up”Said hajjat Fatia Kitaka.

Of the 52 clans which make up the kingdom of Buganda, 19 clans registered but only15 were able to make it for this year Shield contest.

These included:
Mmamba Kakoboza, Kibbe,Musu,Nte, Ngonge, Mmamba namakaka, Nnyonyi nyange, Ngabi nsamba
Ngabi nyunga, Mutima, Nsenene, Nkima, Lugave, Ndiga and Mbogo.

“Namboole could have even been full to capacity due to this tourney because these huge young talents am seeing here, but its really a big shame and Laziness from those clans which have not come, you can’t tell me that any clan can fail to produce out 7 girls and few reserves which make up a team, Said Andrew Benon Kibuuka”patron Mamba clan.

Mmamba Gabunga is the Shield holder after beating Nte last year at Kibibi Butambala.



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