KCCA FC: Mutebi Hails Belief, Confidence From Young Lads

KCCA FC coach Mike Mutebi has commended high confidence levels developing in his young lads day by day after a 4-1 win against Proline FC in Uganda Super Cup at Start Time lugogo.

Erisa Ssekisumbu (2) Allan Okello (14) and Musa Ramathan (81) appeared on the score sheet for KCCA FC as the the side bagged its fourth Super cup final in a row.

Mutebi says the confidence possessed by the boys gives power to the club in general and they expect far much more from them to the extent of defending the league trophy as it is the clubs target.

“These boys have high level of confidence, it gives us power as a club in general. This has prepared us very well and I think this season are going to do more. We expect much more good from them of course as its our target to defend the league trophy,” Mutebi said.

“There is a lot of belief and you could see how we have played against Proline. Its a very good feeling that these young lads are growing and they are playing very good football and they are maturing as men.

About the win and the fourth Super Cup trophy in a row, Mutebi said;

“For me, this is a very good start as it bring confidence and belief in players and there is this mentality in these kids that they are winners and now they all have the responsibility that they have to win but of course an obiligation of playing some good football because we must have an identity.”

“This was one of our target when we were given this job to try to do things right and getting the proper definition of a football club that’s why most of you are surprised by bringing in these kids but that’s the most important thing for me we have ushered in so many young footballers who are good and promising and they have started their carriers by being winners.”

KCCA FC will return to action on on Saturday at StarTimes Stadium when they start their league title defense against the newly Promoted Wakiso Giant FC.



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