NBL: Ugly Drama As YMCA – KCCA Leopards Game Ends Prematurely

Saturday, August 24
*YMCA Lady Hamsters 12-48 KCCA Leopards
(ends in second quarter, KCCA win by default)

There were ugly scenes as the National Basketball League game between YMCA Lady Hamsters and KCCA Leopards ended prematurely.

To make the story short, KCCA Leopards won by default, after beating already relegated and shorthanded YMCA 48-12 in a game that ended midway through the second quarter.

The game played at YMCA court, saw the officials end the game with YMCA remaining with just one player standing.

There was scare prior to the game of whether YMCA would honour the fixture after losing by a walkover against Nkumba Lady Marines last weekend.

There were only two YMCA players on court with few minutes to tip-off, but thankfully, none of the FUBA officials had arrived at YMCA as well.

The Leopards were already warming up at the other end of the court.

After the officials arrived one by one, the game tipped off with YMCA having only five starters – Milicent Winnie, Shalom Muwanguzi, Bridget Aber, Lyly Gabilla and Linda Nduali with no bench player.

YMCA, fearing a hefty FUBA fine if they failed to show up again, came into this just to confirm their participation, at least.

It took Milicent nine minutes to foul out before KCCA led 40-7 after the first quarter.

The Lady Hamsters made their intentions further known, as they turned to pulling opponent’s jerseys in a bid to accumulate quick fouls to walkout of the game.

Linda was given matching orders just at the start of second quarter, Gabilla was also sent for an early shower four minutes later.

YMCA had to continue with two players!

Referee Ivan Ssemanda initially called off the game to save the embarrassment but commissioner Lawrence Mutyaba was seen making a quick phone call, probably to Sande Manano (FUBA Vice President, technical) to confirm if the game was still conforming with the rules.

The officials insisted that the game should continue with YMCA having two players – Muwanguzi and Aber.

The two-man-army displayed kicks of the dying horse, with Aber making a three pointer from downtown.

Coach Julius Lutwama, was seen privately ordering Aber to fake an injury, and she later obeyed – She fell down and the medics could later confirm that she could not continue, and the game had to be ended automatically with Muwanguzi the only YMCA player on court. Of course, she couldn’t inbound to herself.

Judith Ayo Nansobya garnered a game high 13 points, Leane Nalunkuma and Cynthia Irakunda scored 9 and 8 respectively for the Leopards.

Aber and Muwanguzi made 7 and 5 for YMCA who lost their 15th loss of the season.

FIBA Rules On Game Lost By Default:

Art. 21 Game lost by default

Article 21.1 Rule
*A team shall lose a game by default if, during the game, the team has fewer than 2 players on the playing court ready to play.

21.2 Penalty
21.2.1 If the team to which the game is awarded is ahead, the score shall stand as at the time when the game was stopped. If the team to which the game is awarded is not ahead, the score shall be 2 to 0 in its favour. The defaulting team shall receive 1 classification point.
21.2.2 For a 2-games (home and away) total point series (aggregate score), the team that
defaults in the first or in the second game shall lose the series by ‘default’.



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