Proline: Mujib Kasule Calls For Government Support To Club Football

The founding member and club director of Proline FC, Mujib Kasule has urged the government of Uganda to intervene in the affairs club football in terms of financial support because clubs are doing tremendous job for Ugandan citizens.

While speaking in the press conference held by his club recently at Startimes stadium, Lugogo, ahead of CAF Confederation Cup against Masters Security FC, Mujib said that the government should support the clubs because they also support it as well.

“We need Government to support us as we support them in terms of employing their citizens, guiding their citizen, putting order in their citizens, providing entertainment and leisure for their citizens,” noted Mujib.

“At the moment, we are representing the country, we are no longer Proline but Proline from Uganda. We will be flying Ugandan flag high on Saturday.”

“I am aware of the good work the government does with Uganda cranes but Uganda cranes comes from somewhere, and these are clubs, so without support to the clubs, Cranes wont be sustainable at the top.

“I call upon the government to give us audience so that we can plan better for football for our youths who want to play it for various reasons without over burdening the people who inject money in these football club.”

To Mujib, football is supposed to be an industry – an industry is supposed to employ people which football does. Although the variables that make football an industry are not yet here in Uganda.

Resetting the time when Mujib Kasule was Proline FC coach. Courtesy photo

“Football people who are running these clubs are employing the youths, keeping them busy, giving them hope and preparing for future.”

“It’s nolonger a question of pleading and kneeling but it should be a question of partnership, so we ask government to intervene in trying to partner with the club.”

Also, Mujib commended the good work of the media fraternity in selling Proline FC to the Ugandans since its inception in 2016. He thanked Fans for the support down to 13 years, He thanked KCCA FC for hosting them and he thanked FUFA who are going to cater for club’s travel expenses in second leg encounter in Malawi.

Mujib, a former head coach Proline FC, called upon all Ugandans to fill up Startimes stadium on Saturday when his club entertains Malawi outfits Security Masters.



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