Rugby Union Calls For Calm After Mbale Leg cancellation

The maiden Mbale circuit on the Roke Telkom national rugby sevens calendar that was scheduled on August 3, never happened.

Uganda Rugby Union (URU) has called for calm, as it makes further investigations into the matter.

The union has been at the receiving end of criticism since the cancellation.

It is alleged that the Union didn’t give the Mbale organisers money to fund the event.

“The Mbale leg of the Roke 7s unfortunately did not go ahead as a result of a dispute between the host Club and the tournament officials, reads a letter from the Union. “This is not a matter we take lightly and we have asked for reports from all parties which will all be in today.”

“The matter will be reviewed and investigated by the URU Disciplinary Committee who will provide a report when ready.

“Until then, we ask all parties to remain calm and trust in the process. We would like to once again apologize to our sponsors, teams & clubs, partners, fans and well-wishers especially those who had traveled to Mbale for the regrettable inconvenience.”

Other reports hinted to the-SportsNation that the Union itself wanted to organise the circuit for themselves in Mbale, claiming that Mbale Rugby Union is not a registered member of URU, and so cannot be funded. Reports yet to be confirmed.

The ugly scenes saw Mbale people park cars on the field of play in protest.

The development means that there are just 7 circuits instead of 8 at this year’s series.

Kobs still top the standings with 104 points, three above second placed defending champions Black Pirates while Heathens (76), Buffaloes (72) and Jinja Hippos (63) follow in the top five in that order.

Still To Come
August 17 – Jinja 7s at Dam Waters

August 24 – Edward Kitaka Memorial (Kobs) at Legends



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