Century Fight: Golola Victorious As Semata Retires Hurt

Moses Golola managed to beat Umar Semata by a technical knockout in a pulsating fight held at Freedom City’s Auditorium, Namasuba.

The fight that started half past midnight went for just three rounds instead of the planned five after Semata ‘threw in a towel’.

Watch Video – Golola Punches Journalist

Semata had won the first fight in 2018 and it looked like it was going to be a trend after he won the first round where he capitalised on his good kicks to create a needed range and also keep Golola at bay.

However, Golola remained calm and focussed, he came back stronger in the next rounds and three a couple of punches and jabs to break Semata’s defense amidst cheers from a fully packed Freedom City.

Fighting in the K1 style, Golola never attempted any kicking technic but rather concentrated on his boxing/punches to strike Semata, an act which paid off.

Midway through the third round, Golola’s knee landed on Semata’s head who was already down on the canvas (floor) for the Muay Thai fighter to request for medical assistance.

The game was halted for about five minutes as the medics attended to Semata, with Golola at the opposite end already in celebration, before the judges gave Golola (self acclaimed of Uganda) a win!

“Praise be to God…!!!” shouted Golola Moses who was flanked by his promoter Abitex. “I thank you my fans, sponsors and Gen Muhoozi.”

Golola, who among others took Sh50M, continued to call out promoter Balam to bring his money before he was escorted out of the ring by a multitude of supporters.

Semata, showed his discontent to the officials claiming that Golola cheated as he was kicked while already down on the ground which is illegal in the sport. His promoter Balam also made the same allegations and confirmed that there must be a rematch where foreign officials will be in control.



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