Guddi ‘Kikiri’ Nasser: The Story Of Love, Life And Basketball

Nasser Guddi might not be a familiar or house hold name. However, his nickname, ‘Kikiri’ doesn’t require introduction in the basketball fraternity.

Kikiri has been at Betway Power since 2014, however, he is not close to the best among equals at the club yet he is without doubt the most loved player in the league.

‘Kikiri, kikiri, kikiri!!!’ shouts the fans during a Power game when the coach delays to introduce him on the court. Not because he is going to be the game changer at times, but the fans just love him on court.

He is loved by the fans, he is the earliest bird on the team training, and above everything, he has managed to remain strong and calm amidst all the challenges of life.

The flying Kikiri dancer. Courtesy photo

Here is the story of Kikiri:

Introduced to Basketball

“Basketball has always been a passion of mine,” says Kikiri who got introduced to the sport way back in his form three in 2007 at Crane High.

At Crane high, he teamed up with James Okello and Derrick Katumba who are now playing with City Oilers and Ndejje Angels respectively, as the school went on to win Nationals in 2010 among other tourneys.

Back in the days of ‘Tigerhead’ Power

He joined Kampala University there after, before plying his trade with lower league side Rez Life.

At Rez, he was spotted by Philip Kyomuhendo who believed that he could improve his talent with Power. Kyomuhendo is now the General Manager of Betway Power.

The Nickname – Kikiri

This was derived from his love for dancing. He used to always stand up and dance whenever Bella’s song ‘Kino Kikiri’ was played.

Kikiri directs a pass during a league game against Kampala University at KIU court in Kansanga. FUBA

“I have no problem when they call me Kikiri,” he narrates. They have been calling me so since 2006 and am now used to it.”

“Actually, I even gain more confidence when fans shout my name when am on bench. I love it as well.”

He comments that fans love him because he is a free, humble and funny person. “I think I also bring some more energy on court every time am introduced to play.”

Not the best in the house for a player – Kikiri (10) is always struggling for game time at Power.

Kikiri confessed that he one time wanted to leave Power, despite being one of the best teams in the country, because he was considered as surplus to requirements.

“I was not given enough time to prove myself. I could put in all effort during training and could not get playing time but i kept on trying pushing till I started getting minutes so I stayed.”

What You Didn’t Know.

Kikiri is a single dad!

He stays with his young daughter Florence Masa at Kisasi, Kyanja road.

The little Masa

Masa is just three and half years old. She was named after her grand mother.

Kikiri says that he tried playing Cricket and Volleyball when he was still at Nabumali High. However, if it was not for Basketball, he would be somewhere running a coffee business, a venture he even tried before back in the days.

On the line

The Quick Interview
Inspiration to play Basketball – Internationally, it was Michael Jordan, Denis Rodman and Kobe Bryant. Then locally, it was Norman Blick, Michael Wooden and Eric Malinga.

Best & Worst Moments on Court – When I scored 27 points Vs Ndejje, and worst is when we were leading City Oilers and Power went off for about 30 minutes!

Best Five – Jimmy Enabu, Syrus Kiviiri, Joseph Ikong, Geoffrey Soro and James Okello.

Craziest Thing You Have ever done – Telling my dad that I was in a relationship, I was 16 then, and you know the reaction of African parents.

NBA Team – Houston Rockets

Favourite Food – Matooke and Soft Bambo (malewa)

Favourite Gadget – Samsung S10

Dream Car – BX5, though now I own a Nadia.

Best Friend – God

Kikiri posing with the FUBA player of the game placard at YMCA recently. FUBA photo


Name – Guddi Nasser Paul
Born – May 5, 1992
Place of Birth – Mbale – Sironko
Parents – Paul Mugoya and Sarah Makungu
Education – Kalondo Primary, Nabumali High, Crane High, Kampala University

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