Masaza: Bugerere Fined Over Hooliganism

Featured Image: Bugerere team. Courtesy photo

Bugerere county football team has been fined sh5M as stipulated in law over its misbehaved fans during their Masengere group encounter with Ssese at Ntenjeru last Sunday which ended 2-1 in favour of the hosts Bugerere.

The act also costed the team one point and one goal which have been docked off, told to pay 400,000ugx to referee(Nasser Muhammad) and 150,000 to goal keeper Yusuf Bwambale who were injured.

Ssese had petitioned Bugerere in the organising committee over its fans for unsporting behaviours exhibited on Sunday 21, July 2019 when they angrily crowded on the pitch confiscated the chairs of Ssese technical bench, beating up the referee and goal keeper.

The committee confirmed the above acts and sounded a strong warning to Bugere which will see its home ground (Ntenjeru Gombolola playground) banned from hosting any game if such acts traced again.

It should be remember that the same scenario happened when the same Bugerere hosted Gomba lions but the police was alert to rescue.

However, Bugerere have a chance to appeal over the decision made in just 48 hours.

The committee also said that its determined to end all kinds of uncalled for acts in prestigious Masaza cup tournament.

It should be noted that, the above punishment was also applied to Buddu recently.

Bugerere now is trailing in third position with 9 points behind pool leader Ssingo and Ssese who is second but surprisingly above -all- time champion Gomba.

Masengere group.
Ssingo 11
Ssese. 10
Bugerere 9
Gomba 8
Buvuma 0



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