Golf Reaches The Comfort Of Corporate World

Golf is one of the most entertaining but unpopular sport discipline especially in Uganda and the world at large.

In a bid to make the sport popular and understandable, Tusker Malt Lager has continued with their tours to the corporate world at their place of work under their ‘Bringing Golf Home Closer to You’ campaign.

The initiative was on Friday evening held at offices of the Metropolitan Republican located at Buganda Road, Kampala.

Some of the players at Metropolitan republic

The colourful event, despite not taking long through the night, saw staff members try out the sport in excitement.

These, were introduced to the game of golf through miniature golf challenges set up both inside the building and outside their parking lot area.

“We want to visit everyone in their corporate space and introduce the game of golf, how we play golf, what its all about and the association between golf and Tusker,” noted John Mwalimu, the MD for Golf 100 Magazine LTD.

“Golf is a game of life, we get to know each other, it’s about engaging and having fan.”

Playing in pairs, the members of staff stepped out of their offices after a long day’s work for a chance to frolic and challenge themselves to an exciting timing and precision undertaking activity on the green miniature golf course as well as lounge about before retiring to begin of their weekend.

Members of Metropolitan Republic, Liberty and Lancet Laboratories as well as creatives picked up on the true golfing experience by learning the different golf terms used as well as how to hold a club for the rest of their evening.

The Tusker Malt Corporate Golf engagements is an activity staff engagement where the golfing experience is brought to the corporate offices for a fun and challenging rounds of miniature golf while educating staff about the sport. The intention of the engagement is to demystify the popular belief about golf being a sport for the elite crowd while also introducing corporate to the sport.

Did You Know?
*Golf is the first sport to have been played on the moon. On February 6, 1971, just before Apollo 14 was set to leave the moon, Alan Shepard hit two golf balls while on the lunar surface.



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