Federations Advised On Effective Financial Management As Government Set To Increase Funding

National Council of Sports (NCS) on Wednesday, held an effective financial management for National Association and Federations workshop.

The capacity building workshop which took more than seven hours at Copper Chimney, was attended by financial managers/accountants of various sports federations.

This, was in a bid to equip them with statutory requirements of filing financial reports, reinforce the criteria and value of proper accountability as a value of proper accountability as a basis for monitoring performance.

NCS’ Bernard Ogwel (left) with government officials.

Education and Sports Ministry’s undersecretary, Mr Aggrey Kibenge, headed the workshop together with top officials from NCS.

“I thank the various Sports Associations for the good work they are doing in enabling Ugandans to enjoy and participate in Sports,” said NCS’ David Katende.

“As NCS, we have been following the operations of these associations and one of our findings is that many of the leaders of the Federations and Associations have gaps when it comes to management of finances.

“So we felt it important to organise training workshop for finance managers to empower them manage finances better.”

Lectures underway

Katende confirmed that there is an expected increase of funding of from Sh17bb to Sh26bn which he said that it shows how government is committed to help Sports.

In that new government package, Sh6bn will go to infrastructure development that is the High Altitude Training Centre.

Sh1.5bn will remain in Physical Education and Sports while the remainder will be shared to the Federations.

The audience

Katende added:

“And now that government is set to invest in more money, we expect these federations to access more money from NCS. That money need to be accounted for properly.

“This workshop is one way preparing and empowering them in terms of budgeting planing and accountabilities of the funds that they are going to be extended to them.”



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