Kickboxing: Must Know About Golola – Semata Rematch

After Umar Semata humbled Moses Golola with an unanimous decision victory in what was a much awaited fight last year on October 13, the words kept coming out from both camps.

And now, the prayersr have been answered, the rematch has been set. And it promises to be bigger and better.

For starters, this will be a title bout – WFM title. However, the bout is yet to be sanctioned by Uganda Kickboxing Federation.

It will take place on August 3, 2019 at Freedom City, Namasuba. The same place last year’s fight took place.

The major highlight of the fight is that much at stake including Sh50M that has already been given out to each fighter.

Golola is under promoter Abtex (red corner, People Power) while Balam Byarugaba (Yellow corner, NRM) is in Semata’s camp.

It will be a super middle weight, in five rounds and K1 style.

Promoter Balam revealed that the event that will start on 7PM, will have many various artists/Musicians to entertain the crowd.

L-R: Abitex, Golola, Balam and Semata

Words From Both Camps

The fight was launched on Tuesday, May 28 at Sheraton Hotel with both fighters present amidst exchanges from either camps.

Here are the rants:

Umar Semata’s Camp

Promoter Balam – Balam:

I want to caution that one of u will be buried on that day. We will be coming with an A-Plus ambulance and I am telling my fighter silence the red corner, because all they do is talk. This is not time for porridge. Please Semata, beat Golola and the rest of the balance of your kicks go to Abitex so as he can look for his power bank. Kick that promoter and I will request Mr. president to honour him an RDC seat. He should leave this promotion business as well.

Fighter Semata
You know me very well that am a man of few words. But allow me begin with thanking my sponsors that is Promoter Balam and Pemba.
We fought last time, and my brother Golola wanted the session to go till morning. But am not giving him another chance, I will end him on that day. The number of words he talks now, will be given to him back in kicks on that night.

Golola’s Camp:

Promoter Abitex

I want Golola to destroy Semata in the first three rounds. Please beat him like you did to Titus Tugume and take him back via his ambulance. Our corner is red, and that is the People Power, let us kick that old yellow corner out. Their time is long gone.

I can tell you that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. I respect my brother Semata for promoting kickboxing outside Uganda especially in Asia, but this is Uganda and am the one ruling.

I want to first do away with this Kasumali on Heroes day which will be like a training for me.

I will put Semata in his line. I want him to sign his death certificate and we will not pay for compensation in case he dies.



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