Boxing: Kiwanuka Knocks Out Kenyan In First Round At Lugogo

Uganda’s Shafic Kiwanuka made a strong statement when he marked his first professional fight with victory against Kenya’s David Odour.

Playing against a fellow debutant on the professional scene, it took Kiwanuka just 109 seconds to knock down his opponent before the referee stopped the bout to save the sorry Kenyan.

The Killing Machine, as he prefers to call himself, turned pro in November last year before signing a five year sponsorship deal worth about Sh20M with Big Strikers International Company.

In the undercards that set the tone for the night at the MTN Arena, Zana based promising star Latib Muwonge beat Kenneth Kaunda, Sajjabi beat Mudde Ntambi as Hudson Muhumuza lost to Roderick Okot, among others.

The Champ is here – Kiwanuka (left) with Uganda’s flag. Urban photo.

Kiwanuka Walks The Talk

Prior to the fight, at the weighing in to be specific, Kiwanuka had warned the Kenyan!

“I am a Killing machine, am ready for any one and I will beat him (Odour) until he swallows his mouth guard,” Kiwanuka had barked.

It was clear from the start that Kiwanuka was going to be the aggressor in the fight, thanks to his height – Standing at 6ft 5in. However, no one expected that he would easily make light work of the Kenyan in such a brutal manner.

Kiwanuka was already pumped up for the occasion, he wanted to attack his opponent at the other end before the start, slightly delayed by all the four Anthems (Kenya, Uganda, East Africa and Buganda) before the bell was sounded.

Kiwanuka, right from the start, he was aggressive and utterly unforgiving to say the least.

He attacked, threw rapid punches to a helpless Kenyan who later wobbled down as he tried to find balance on the ropes, albeit on unsteady legs.

The ref counted – he was miraculously up, God knows how he’d gotten up. It looked like he was going to hold on, but the damage was already done. Wave, the referee signalled an end to a short but one sided affair.

Without a moment delay, the fans had already entered the ring to throw the ‘New Champ’ in air. It was over, for the Kenyan who wished to never have crossed the border.

It should be noted however that Kiwanuka was initially scheduled to face Kenya’s Obadiah Mwanji but it was later revealed that he had failed the drug test.



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